Ethylene glycol extra pure
Glycol ; 1,2-Ethanediol
CAS :107-21-1
Water pollution class :0
Hazard / Symptom
Hazard Harmful if swallowed.
After eye contact irritant effect mucosal irritations
After skin contact irritant effect Danger of skin absorption.
After swallowing agitation , CNS disorders
Systemic effects After a latency period: tiredness , ataxia (impaired locomotor coordination) , unconsciousness Damage of: kidneys
Protective equipments / General working measures
No specific informations
Accidental release measures / Fire-fighting measures
Person-related precautionary measures Do not inhale vapours/aerosols.
Procedures for cleaning / absorption Take up with liquid-absorbent material (e.g. Chemizorb ). Forward for disposal. Clean up affected area.
Suitable extinguishing media Water, foam, powder. Fire extinguisher: carbon dioxide , powder , water
First aid
After inhalation fresh air. If necessary, apply mouth-to-mouth resuscitation or mechanical ventilation.
After skin contact wash off with plenty of water. Remove contaminated clothing.
After eye contact Rinse out with plenty of water. Summon eye specialist.
After swallowing make victim drink water, avoid vomiting. Subsequently administer: activated charcoal (20 - 40 g in 10% slurry). Laxative: Sodium sulfate (1 tablespoon/1/4 l water). Summon doctor. Keep airways free. Gastric lavage.
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